Reducing Your High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can be deadly. It’s known as the “silent killer” because the condition may not produce any noticeable symptoms. That’s one of the reasons regular blood pressure checks from your cardiologist are so important. The cardiologists at Cardiovascular Associates of Staten Island, in Staten Island, NY, provide a wide range of cardiology services, including diagnosis, treatment, and management of high blood pressure.

What to Know about High Blood Pressure

So, what is blood pressure? It’s a measurement of blood flowing through your arteries. If the blood flow comes up against resistance, it can elevate your blood pressure. Arterial resistance is typically caused by the buildup of fat along your artery walls.

Family history and genetics can increase your likelihood of developing high blood pressure, but one of the main factors is a poor diet, high in fat and low in fiber. To reduce your high blood pressure, you should:

  • Eat lean meats like poultry or fish instead of fatty red meats
  • Consume low fat dairy products instead of full fat dairy
  • Eat a diet full of green leafy vegetables and fruits
  • Limit your salt intake to help prevent water retention
  • Limit your alcohol intake and don’t smoke

Diet is one way to help lower your blood pressure. Exercise is another. You should:

  • Try to exercise at least 30 minutes on most days of the week
  • Do aerobic exercises like swimming, walking, or jogging to keep your heart strong

Regular visits to your cardiologist are a critical way to manage your blood pressure. Your cardiologist may recommend:

  • Diuretics, to limit fluid buildup
  • ACE inhibitors, to relax blood vessels
  • Beta Blockers, to lower your cardiac workload
  • Calcium channel blockers, to slow down your heart rate

Our Cardiologist Can Help

To learn more about the causes, treatment, and management of high blood pressure, talk with the experts. Call the cardiologists at Cardiovascular Associates of Staten Island, in Staten Island, NY. You can reach them in the office by calling (718) 667-0077, so call today.

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